Spotlight BYT past members – Josh Nembhard

I have always enjoyed drama and acting, I studied drama in secondary school and during my spare time I wanted to do more workshops so I joined Brixton Youth Theatre at the age of 14, they allowed me to enhance and develop the skills I needed to progress while in a fun environment. From here I went onto study Performing Arts at Lambeth College and then getting accepted into Middlesex University to study Theatre Arts. I spent 3 years in university focusing solely on acting and directing. Acting was always a passion for me, but having the option to direct productions was a new avenue to just look into. The experience I gained at in those 3 years with priceless, I learnt a lot about myself and the industry, the opportunities that were presented to me, I took full advantage of them. I finally graduated in 2017 with a BA in Theatre Studies. All thanks to Brixton Youth Theatre who helped to start my adventure –

Now I’m at Identity Acting School and I am also apart of the Young Vic’s Genesis Programme.  Looking back, Brixton Youth Theatre was the gateway to allowing me to step out of my comfort zone and work with trained professionals, without the support of the tutors of BYT behind me, I would have never been able to learn a lot of key skills and had opportunities that has brought me so far. 

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